Fabric Gentoo penguin brooch
Fabric Gentoo penguin brooch

Fabric Gentoo penguin brooch

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Gentoo penguin brooch 

These fabulous Penguins  are made from fabric that was due to go to landfill.

They are made from soft upholstery and curtain fabric with a wool backing and appliqué detailing, all of which come from the swatch books that you would choose you high end sofas and curtains from. Sadly they would all be thrown away once they had gone out of season.

The Penguins are decorated with machine embroidery and a glass bead for an eye.

As I only get very small quantities of each fabric it means every one I make is different and unique. I will pick a brooch at random when you order, or please contact me to see what I have available so you can choose your favourite.

There is an easy to open/close clasp on the back with a ribbon printed with my Website details.

This would be a great present for a friend or even for yourself.

Size is approximately 7cm from beak to tail and 3.5cm from back to tummy.